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Client Testimonials


I just thought I’d touch base with you to let you know how I’m travelling.
You were right, it’s working. Over time it improves the triggers and responses reduce. My kids now see a “normal” mum who doesn’t over react to the sound of rain. 
Your support through my EMDR process was thorough and targeted to perfection. You could see the times where I would struggle and supported me to push through when I needed to and take my time when I needed to (even if I didn’t know what I needed).
Thanks again, you’ve changed my life & my kids!

EMDR Client - Diana, mother of 3 suffering flood related PTSD

“I would not have had the courage and strength to make the changes in my life without you. From the bottom of my heart I want you to know I have grown . I always feel so much better after a session with you.”

Keysha, Aboriginal Mother of five, early 40's recovering from DV related trauma

"Thank you so much. You're the best therapist I have ever had, you're beautiful, genuine and you care.
PS you remind me Ms Marvel ( the latest new muslim girl marvel hero)"

Kyle, 29 yo male with childhood trauma and grieving recent loss of brother

“ I have learnt to be more confident after learning strategies to manage my anxiety and you help me prepare for motherhood, so thank you.”

Shauna, 20 year old Telehealth client suffering with perinatal depression

You're the therapist I have been the longest with because I felt comfortable, safe, accepted, and understood. This allowed me to be very honest with you.

Tammy, 16 yo girl with complex trauma and PTSD

"Deadly, thank you so much i really found it helpful"

Justin, Minyumai IPA trauma healing workshop

" This shit really works!" 



22 year old Maddison reacting after EMDR treatment for her complex trauma.

" know I don't dread therapy any more..." 



22 year old Jacob following EMDR treatment for his complex trauma.

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